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and by “about to do the part” you mean spend four days collecting heart pieces


I’m replaying Majora’s Mask and I’m about to do the part with these two. There’s a 99% chance that it’ll destroy me. So I decided to draw them being happy.



Some awesome leg tutorials done by n3m0s1s.

Because legs are the hardest thing to draw for me. Seriously, I’ll have a character with an awesome upper torso, then spaghetti legs.

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The finished version! cue-the-plot-twist had taken a magnificent photo on a trip, and with her permission I finally got around to using it as a reference for painting practice. (Thanks btw~)



Have problems drawing bodies? This might help!!!

Because I’ve been dealing with some really nasty art block, my friend introduced me to this awesome website that gives a bunch of reference photos on a time limit you set so you can practice gesture and things like that. AND It’s completely free (and an awesome alternative, at least temporarily, to that figure drawing class I wanted to do this semester!)

It has options for helping you build skill in drawing figures, animals, hands/feet, and faces/facial expressions. It even has a setting to show you only “decent” models incase you want to practice with your parents or young impressionable family members in the room. 

There are also a lot of articles about tips you can use to help enhance your ability to learn and grow in drawing. Its an awesome site! You should all give it a try!

Bless you for this!

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A kind follower reminded me of that '7 Cardinal Rules of Life' post going around, and they asked me if I would ever do my take on them (that being, a writerly take). Well, seeing as how I’ve been running a Writer Positivity series for over 100 posts, I thought it would be a fun chance to collect some of my favorite advice!

PS: The above are not meant to be taken as ‘literal’ rules for writing, but rather advice for leading the lifestyle of a writer~ ♥︎

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OMIOGSH so many people asked for hair BUT HAIR IS ONE OF THE PARTS WHERE U CAN RELLY JUST DO ANYTHING U WNAT so yeahhh JUST REMBER to try and use quick gestures to capture the flow of hair!! 

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Super quick doodle/practice with value and the square brush. No more time to work on it today, so I guess that means I’m done :P

Reference pic

TF2 drawing challenge day 17: Brotp or OTP

I like to think that the entire team is really good friends, and each person has a unique relationship with every other person (even though some of those get more attention than others, I do like to think of how every person would interact with each other).


BIRD BEAAAKS. This one doesn’t teach how to draw but it0s the introduction to that. Quite a lot of people I give classes to have this idea that the beak is an apendix of the bird’s skull and not a part of the skull that doesn’t have feathers covering it. And because of that wrong notion beaks are drawn poorly and with no sense of weight or even being part of the bird’s head.

So this art tip of the week is just the very introduction to the concept of drawing beaks. Just explaining what the beak actually is.

Hope you like it, even though its a simpler one. 

CHEERS and tons of love

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If you cant attend life drawing sessions. This is the best thing for you

Let me show you something I recently found : Croquis Cafe!

You get to see models of different colors and shapes in a life drawing setting. They move and breath while posing (breathing like in real life :O) ambient music is playing in the background and you have 1, 2  and 5 minute sessions. I find it very helpful , you should try it.






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I saw a post from somebody who noted that a lot of Bipper posts had some element of self harm to them (and was understandably uncomfortable). So I thought I’d contribute~

I saw a post from somebody who noted that a lot of Bipper posts had some element of self harm to them (and was understandably uncomfortable). So I thought I’d contribute~